Switching up over the summer: changes taking place during the new school year

As a new school year kicks off, students are taking the time to celebrate (and stress about) various new things that come with another year of high school. From the new freshman class to the class of 2019 finally arriving on the shores of the long awaited senior year, change is in the air for the 2018-2019 school year at Tunstall.

Of these changes, the most obvious and largest by quantitative standards would be the incoming freshman class. Freshman year, especially first semester, is generally a time of acclimating to a new environment and learning your way around the vast campus of the school. For some, it can also be a time of high stress and anxiety, or just flat out uncertainty. “I was very nervous [on my first day]. So many questions were in my head like where to sit at lunch and which hallway is which?” Said freshman Sarah Gato.

However, once she actually got ingrained into the high school system it was “way better than expected.”

The freshman class isn’t the only faction of students who are experiencing a new environment during the school year. Many juniors and seniors were able to get their driver’s licenses over the summer, including junior Wesley Honeycutt. “I got my license on July 3rd, I couldn’t wait. I park in the lower lot because lots of my friends also park there. I really enjoy being able to drive to school because I can just chill in my truck and talk to my friends,” said Honeycutt.

There have also been numerous changes in coaching positions recently, one of which includes Coach DeVivi and Coach Echols, in addition to coaching girls softball. Coach DeVivi has played golf all of his life and had an interest in making the move to coaching. He also has vast background knowledge of the sport, which made him a perfect fit to take on the vacant role.

Another coaching switch is Coach Echols. Echols has been coaching JV Cheerleading for eight years and stepped up to helm varsity.

New teachers are also present in the halls this year. A mix of both new and familiar faces now join the staff at Tunstall, all of which are committed to helping their students learn.

A few changes to school protocol have also been put in place. Mr. Boles discussed some new procedures with “the mission of keeping students in class.” Some of these procedures involve teachers now being able to fill out a Google form to send students to the nurse without missing crucial class time. In addition, another Google form that all teachers have access to is being used to keep track of students’ attendance, check-ins, and check-outs.

In addition, Mr. Boles wanted to remind some students about school policy, most notably the rule surrounding Apple Watches and other smart watch devices. Students are not to use said devices during school hours. This policy is directly related to the cell phone policy, which has the same rules and restrictions.

“If you are ever in doubt of a rule, be sure to ask a question. If you still aren’t sure, ask another question,” said Mr. Boles.

So as the dust clears and the nerves begins to settle, it’s pretty obvious to assume quite a few things have changed between May and August, but one thing remains the same with all classes of Trojans. As Mr. Boles says on the intercom each morning, students continue to demonstrate Trojan PRIDE.