This or that: Fall edition

Julee Myers and Brittney Eames-Ramirez

The Autumn season brings with it sweater weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many different sweets and spices. Everyone has their favorites, their own looks and flavors that represent fall for them. The following are a bunch of favorites to choose from and get into the fall spirit.

Brittney Eames-Ramirez
two students wearing a jacket and a sweatshirt.

Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie? (Brittney)

Pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie are both orange in color, but they are so different when it comes to flavor. Pumpkin pie is filled with a sweet, creamy, pumpkin mixed with cinnamon filling. It’s two of the main flavors of fall brought together to make something that could almost be considered magical. Although some people believe the pumpkin pie filling to be too dense. Sweet potato pie on the other hand has a lighter, more textured filling that tastes just as it sounds, like sweet potato. My personal favorite is sweet potato. 

Sweaters or Scarves? (Julee)

Sweaters will forever be my favorite. I hate scarves because they’re constantly up near my face and all over my neck. Sweaters are also my appropriate for fall and winter, because a scarf can’t exactly keep you warm. Sweaters feel like wearing a warm hug, and I’ve always loved the way they feel. Scarves make me feel claustrophobic and as if I can’t breathe.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee? (Brittney)

I will always prefer coffee over hot chocolate. It’s because growing up my grandma would always make the sweetest coffee for my grandpa, which he would of course share with me. When I was younger, I only enjoyed it because of how sweet it was and because I believed it made me more “mature.” But now that I’m in high school I drink coffee to give me the extra boost I need in the morning and to warm up when it’s below freezing outside and we still have to go to school. 

Halloween or Thanksgiving? (Julee)

I’ve always loved Halloween more than Thanksgiving. The entire month of November is like the Thursday of the year, if you know what I mean. It’s not Halloween any more, and it’s not Christmas yet. Thanksgiving is just the middle of the two best holidays.  On Halloween we get to dress up, on Thanksgiving we have to wear nice clothes when it’s absolutely frigid outside. Plus, on Halloween, we get oodles of candy.

Boots or sneakers? (Brittney)

It can be agreed amongst most girls that boots are mostly cold weather attire. Boots help to keep your legs warm while being cute at the same time. And for me boots are no doubt a great way to touch up nearly any outfit when it’s below freezing outside. But boots can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially the boots that barely pass your ankle bone. My go to choice is sneakers any day, they’re comfy and reliable in any situation.  

Jackets or sweatshirts? (Julee)

In the colder weather, people often opt for a sweatshirt to keep them warm throughout the day. I prefer wearing a sweatshirt over a jacket because it’s easier to just put one on and not have to worry about people seeing the shirt you wear underneath, but with a jacket, it’s harder to take it off and not get cold and be uncomfortable.

Candy Corn or Hershey’s? (Julee)

My hatred for candy corn will outlive me for sure. Chocolate is a beautiful creation and I love it endlessly. Hershey’s chocolate has been one of my favorite candies since I was old enough to eat candy. Candy corn is dry, tackily sweet, and crumbly. I’m not sure who would prefer candy corn over a bar of chocolate.

Pumpkin Spice Latte or Salted Caramel Mocha? (Brittney)

Throwback to 2016 when every girl who went to Starbucks and wore leggings did nothing but drink pumpkin spice lattes.  A pumpkin spice latte tastes like pumpkin pie had a baby with coffee. It has the cinnamon-pumpkin taste just like a pumpkin pie, but it has a few other ingredients thrown into it like nutmeg and allspice. I’ve only ever tasted a pumpkin spice latte once, but it wasn’t worth all the hype in my opinion. My personal favorite coffee would have to be salted caramel mocha. It’s so sweet, and I must say I’m a sucker for sweets. I even like the hot chocolate form of salted caramel. For me salted caramel is the flavor of fall. 


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