Quarantine raises demand for Nintendo Switch


Tunstall alumni Trenton Eanes, playing Mario Kart.

Colby Ringstaff, Reporter

The Nintendo Switch is a relatively new gaming console that came out in 2017. There was a resurgence of the Switch when COVID was hitting the world pretty hard in the spring of 2020; people needed something to do while they were locked up in their houses, including me. I bought the Nintendo Switch two months ago off of Amazon, so I could get it faster. Since receiving the console, it has kept me and my family entertained during quarantine and online school. It has a wide range of multiplayer games, so everyone can play. My sisters personally enjoy playing Mario Kart.

Nintendo released the original Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017. Shortly after in 2019 Nintendo came out with a more portable version of the Switch called the “Nintendo Switch Lite.” As gained popularity on social media platform Tik Tok, many people bought it to play games such as Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Mario Kart. 

I personally wouldn’t purchase the Switch Lite for a few reasons. The Lite version wasn’t designed to connect to a TV or monitor to give a bigger screen. Therefore, the Lite doesn’t support in-person multiplayer which is a big downside for me. However, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect gaming system for players who aren’t looking to play with other people and are only focused on single-player games. The Lite was built to be a handheld device for single player users.

I tried to go to retail stores to pick one up, but they would sell all of their Nintendo switches as soon as they got them. I tried Walmart, Target, even a Best Buy out of town, but I received the same answer, no store had the Switch in stock. That is when I went online and saw that the prices were significantly higher than the original retail price. The markup price on the console might’ve been a little steep, but I knew it was the only reliable way anyone could get a switch when everyone and their mom wants one.

Some of the top games on the Nintendo Switch include Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing. Super Smash Bros is a game that my friends and I mainly play; it is very competitive and for players that have great hand/eye coordination. Mario Kart is slightly less competitive than Super Smash Bros but still a very upbeat game. I would say it is definitely a game anyone can play and enjoy. Animal Crossing is the most popular game on the Nintendo Switch, it is a game that anyone of any age can play. It is a very laid back and rewarding game for all players.

With the Switch being a gaming console they have a lot of accessories. Accessories certainly do help when you’re talking about extra controllers or joy con charging docks. However, most accessories really come down to personal preference and whether or not they would help you as a player. For example, a steering wheel accessory for Mario Kart may help players who enjoy a more realistic style of gameplay. I personally don’t use any accessories other than the extra controllers I have bought. So if you’re thinking about getting accessories for the Nintendo Switch, really think about if it is going to help you as a player because they aren’t needed to play.