Wrestling season wrap-up

This season of THS wrestling was truly spectacular. With plenty of ups and downs, this season was all over the mat (pun intended). With tons of tournament wins and some losses, this season had a lot of amazing matches. Two wrestlers, Elijah Ingram and Santana Keatts, ended the regular season undefeated. Two more wrestlers, Trenton Coleman and Ryan Jones, are advancing to the state tournament. Chloe Simmons will also wrestle in  the girls state tournament.

While neither Jones nor Coleman placed on the state level podium, it was a worthwhile experience for both of them.

“It was really fun and unlike anything I have experienced. It motivates me for sure. I want to place next year,” Coleman said. 

“This tournament has motivated me to improve for next year in my stamina and being stronger. It was insane. It was the most people I have ever wrestled in front of. I honestly think I lost the first match because I was nervous,” Jones said. Jones did have one win on the weekend. 

The Regional 3 Class D results were as follows: Ryan Jones placed third, Trenton Coleman placed fourth, Silvester Perkins and Xavion Jaimes placed fifth, and Santanna Keatts, Lucas Moore, and Chloe Simmons placed sixth. Fourth place and higher advanced to the state tournament. 

Tunstall’s wrestling team took home second place in the Piedmont District Tournament. Four wrestlers placed first in their weight class: Santanna Keatts, Ryan Jones, Xavion Jaimes, and Elijah Ingram. Lucas Moore and Trenton Coleman placed second. Trey Collins, Mason Smart, and Chloe Simmons placed third. Silvester Perkins placed fourth. 

During the regular season, at their second tournament, THS lost to Magna Vista 40-42; however, following that match the Tunstall Trojans pulled through for two wins defeating GW 66-18, and Martinsville 78-0 with seven wrestlers going undefeated: Chloe Simmons, Trenton Coleman, Santana Keatts, Lucas Moore, Ryan Jones, Mason Smart, and Elijah Ingram.

With plenty of wins and pins, no one can overlook all of the tournament winners with significant accomplishments this season: Santana Keatts finished in first place in the Piedmont District for the third year in a row, not to mention Xavion Jaimes being the underdog of this season coming up from fifth place last season making it to first place in the Piedmont District. No one can forget about Trey Collins either, who has a similar story to Jaimes making his way up to third place this season after placing sixth overall individually last season.  

Each wrestler has specific memories that stand out from this season, including Jaimes, “Definitely districts against Mecklenburg where I dragged a guy back in bounds.”

Many of the seniors felt like it was a  “great season, just went by way too fast.”

Given the fact that Keatts and Jaimes both won first place, they gave their input on what they’ve done to get themselves to that point, “I just worked as hard as I could and put in as much effort as I ever have,” said Keatts. 

The seniors were celebrated at Senior Night at their last home match, but the coaches and underclassmen are looking forward to next year’s possibilities. 

“The state tournament opened their eyes for sure, but we are already looking forward to next year,” said Head Coach Trey Devall.