My Squishmallow Obsession

India Martin

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Squishmallow Day 2023

 Squishmallows are egg-shaped plushies with faces embroidered onto them that both kids and adults love. They are popular for being very soft and adorable. Squishmallows are often compared to Beanie Babies. They have many options to choose from, especially if you are allergic to real animals.

Mrs. Nester in a pile of Squishmallows.

Squishmallows have positive effects on our mental health. Ever since the pandemic, Gen Z has created a love for them due to the comfort they give us. Many of us have emotional support Squishmallows that help cope with sadness and anxiety.

The popularity of Squishmallows all started in 2017. Every single Squishmallow has their very own name and personality on their tag. Squishmallows can be in the form of your favorite animal or food and come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Also, on occasion, they come in a variety of cartoon characters.

What makes Squishmallows so special? They are comforting! Each one is unique! And you get to pick from any of your favorite foods or animals. I love the way they are so squishy and feel like literal marshmallows. Squishmallows are filled with ultra-soft spandex and polyester fiber which gives them that marshmallow like texture. 


My favorite category of Squishmallows has to be the foodies. My favorites are Sawtelle the Strawberry Pancakes, Deja the Chocolate Frosted Donut, and Pippie the Pumpkin Pie. Also, I really love the Sanrio Squishmallows.

Most of these cozy plushies range between $10 and $40. At the moment there are over 1,000 different Squishmallows in the market. If you are looking to buy your own Squishmallows you can get them from your local Target, Walmart, Five Below, Walgreens, and Claire’s.