And off she Wentz

An article on our Senior Class President


One of the many people that will be speaking on the podium at the graduation for the class of 2023 is the Senior Class President. Most students don’t know her as “the class president;” they know her as Hadyn Wentz, their beloved friend.

Hadyn has always been a very upbeat and kind person. Wherever she goes, she carries a smile and great attitude. One thing she is most known for is her positivity and spread of kindness.

Wentz jumping the hurdles

“I think too many people are hard on themselves, and I want to spread kindness so that people know how special they are,” said Wentz, “everyone has a purpose, and we all are good at different things. I think people should be aware of that.”

She has spread her kindness and positivity through many people. Being active in various clubs, sports, and activities has helped her widen her audience. Wentz is a part of the soccer team where she plays midfielder and participates in track and field where she does both hurdles, the high jump, and the four by four relay.

“I enjoy it a lot! It’s really fun and I like the people!”

Wentz shows her love and warmth for her school and peers by being involved in her school. She helps her community through volunteering with Beta Club and Interact. She helps spread her kindness by being in FCA. Wentz also supports her school by being senior class president in SCA and a member of the Trojan Club.

Hadyn Wentz surrounded by her plants

“I like being class president! It’s challenging, but I enjoy helping people and getting to meet and talk to different groups of people.”

After a long school day or practice, Wentz gardens in her free time and loves to tend to her garden and plant flowers when the time comes. It gives her an escape from all of the stressful things that happen around her. 

“I love learning about different types of plants. They’re all so unique, and I get to care about them and watch them grow!”

She also loves to read when she gets the opportunity. One of her favorite books she’s recently read is A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. The book goes through the life of Ove and his love for his deceased wife, Sonja.

“I really loved this book because I thought it was so sweet how much Ove loves his wife Sonja. I’m a sucker for romance.”

This fall, Wentz will be attending UNC Wilmington in hopes to go into the health field. She wants to spend her life helping others in need. With no major in mind, she simply wants to be influential to others.

“All I want to do is help people.”