Trojan Messenger’s highschoolegiate dictionary

Volume II

This dictionary is intended to educate, not offend. Please don’t tweek after reading this. This is straight facts, bro. Leave all the geeking for the end. Don’t neck yourself for not knowing these terms, you can peep them now and educate yourself. Again, we are not soaking, just educating. This article was put together by some GOATs (The Trojan Messenger Staff.) The 2016 version of this dictionary can be found here.

Beef: (n.)  conflict; drama
“I kissed her boyfriend, so now we have beef.”

Bet: (?) No one really knows what this means, we just say it.

Brick: (adj.) cold
I’m not leaving the house today, it’s brick out there.”

Bump: (n., adj., v.) a good song; to be a good song; to have the qualities of a good song
“This song bumps.”
“That song was bumping.”
“This song is a bump.”

Clout: (adj.) fame on social media. If one’s tweet gets a lot of likes, he/she now has clout.
Morgan got lots of clout after she tweeted about the possum in the parking lot.”

Dank: (adj.) used to describe something that is cool or good
“Mom, this mac and cheese is dank.”

Dank Memes: (n.) memes that are overly edited, bizarre and don’t make much sense but are still funny for some reason that no one knows.
“I only follow dank meme pages on Instagram.”

Facts: (n.) to be true; to be agreeable
“Facts, bro.”

Geek: (n., adj.) to laugh; the act of being funny or making someone laugh
“When he said that I geeked.”
“That geeks.”
“That geeked me.”

GOAT: (n.) greatest of all time
“Adrian Turner Nester is the GOAT.”

Knock: (v.) to go to bed; to sleep
“Alright guys, I’m going to knock. I’ll see you in the morning.”

L: (n.) a loss; a bad outcome
“I tried to study for that test but I decided I was just going to take an L and I went to bed.”

Lit: (adj.) exciting; fun
“That party was dumb lit.”

Moves: (n., adj.) plans, a happening event, a good idea
“Starbucks is definitely the moves.”

Neck: (n.) a smack on the back of the neck, usually received after saying or doing something silly. If the giver does not say “no reverse,” the receiver has a right to call “reverse” and return the gesture.
“Dude, that’s a neck. No reverse.”

Peep: (v.) to view something
“Let me peep that on your phone.”

Retweet (RT): (v., adj.) agreed; same
“Retweet! I did the same thing last weekend, dude.”

Slide in: (v.) to smoothly hit on someone usually through the manner of a social media direct message.
He slid into my DMs on Instagram last night.”

Slumpt: (v.) to go to sleep; to be asleep
“I’m too tired to do this, I’m slumpt.”
“Dude, sorry I didn’t text you back last night, I was slumpt.”

Soak: (v.) to make fun of someone, usually a close friend.
“Your mom.”
‘Dude he just soaked you and your mom.’

Other variations: roast, cook, toast, clown

Thicc: (adj.) used to describe something in good taste, usually a woman, but not always. The more c’s added onto the end, the thicc-er the object in description.
That girl is thicc with two C’s.”

Tweek: (v.) to overreact or become upset
“Quit tweeking bro, I was just kidding.”


Texting Slang

Abt: about

Awk: Awkward

Bc: Because

Esp: Especially

Finna: Fixing to

Fr: Forreal

Ight: Alright; okay

Nd: And

Omw: On my way

Otw: On the way

P: Pretty

Pls: Please

Prolly: Probably

Rn: Right now

Tfw: That face when; that feeling when

V: Very

W/: With; commonly seen as just “w”

W/O: without

Wyd?: What are you doing?

Wya?: Where are you at?

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