Trojans react to “Special Edition” of The Trojan Messenger

April Fool’s Day paper a success

The Trojan Messenger published an April Fools Day edition of the paper.

The Trojan Messenger published an April Fool’s Day edition of the paper.

The Trojan Messenger published a “Special Edition” March 32, 2014, paper today to celebrate April Fool’s. Reactions were mixed between laughter, dismay, and outrage.

“I thought it was real until I saw the date,” said sophomore Dwight Tate. Other students shared his sentiment and enjoyed the satire-filled paper.

Junior Daisy Clay said, “It was a very unique idea.”

The headlining article “Prom Theme Changed” addressed the theme change from “A Night in Paris” to “A Night at the Rodeo.” At first glance, many female students were overwhelmed with the idea of having to change their attire for the prom on April 5. Senior Sadie Gauldin described her reaction. “I was flipping. I took it to my friend Jayme who had the same reaction.”

Male students were also miffed at the modification to the theme. “I just bought my tux so I was upset about the prom change,” said sophomore Trevor Mensavage

The dress code article, which detailed the banning of camouflage, Carhartt, monograms, riding boots, and scarves, seemed to be the article about which students were the most vocal.  Freshman Victoria Shirey said, “I think the dress code was a good idea except for the no monogramming because I love monogramming. #monogrammonday!”

The sports article “Equestrian Team Comes to Tunstall” brought indignation from students who really thought that an equestrian team would be a great idea.  Freshman Logan McCubbins said, “It was not very funny.”

“I was excited because I thought that Tunstall was really getting an equestrian team and I was planning on joining and then I found it was fake. I was mad,” said sophomore Maria Willhite.

Senior Baker Williams summed up the satirical tone by saying, “It was one of the few times Tunstall has used humor.”

The actual edition of the March/April paper will be distributed before school and during all three lunches on April 2.