The work of virtual teachers


Addyson Hunsicker

Mrs. Ray’s classroom, with balloons as students.

Addyson Hunsicker, Reporter

During this time of virtual learning, we all are thinking about ourselves, but what about the teachers? This is new for everyone, and teachers are supposed to be our leaders through school. But, they are having a hard or harder time getting used to this crazy new normal just like we are. Many teachers agreed to be interviewed in the midst of all the changes and responsibilities added to them. 

All of the teachers’ styles of teaching have changed due to virtual learning. All of the teachers answered differently but all of them said that they wanted to make it as easy as possible for the students. All of the teachers have different ways of teaching the information: Mrs. Springs does Power Points and goes over it in a Google meet then students work on their own with worksheets. Mr. Tittiris does full lessons on Google Meets and videos, but does less assessments and worksheets. 

Mrs. Watson instructing her online class.

Each teacher said they would absolutely prefer to be at school and they miss all of their students. Mrs. Hardy said, “I did not realize how lonely I would be in my classroom. I have spent 22 years in a classroom full of students and I now come to work and sit in a classroom all by myself.”

Mrs. Watson had a good outlook on virtual learning, she said that she was excited for a new challenge, and that she is happy to take it on. 

Not one of the teachers thought in all of their years of teaching, they would be teaching over the computer now. Some of the teachers were thinking that maybe in ten years we may be but not under the circumstances of Covid-19: “I figured it could be a possibility, so I started recording my lessons back in 2016 for students that might be homebound, but I didn’t think we would have a pandemic like this.” Tittiris said. I am sure, just like the few teachers I talked to, they would never have imagined this to happen. 

In order for school to go back to normal, the school has to be ready to keep the hundred of students safe. All of the teachers felt that the school tried but there needs to be more in order to make sure that happens by the guidelines. No matter how much they miss us, they all agreed it was better for us to be safe. Mrs. Calloway put it best, “In a perfect world yes, but I don’t think we are there”, this encapsulates what everyone has decided is best for us all, that no matter what we want we need to be ready and there is no real way to be sure we are ready.

With remote learning, teachers are figuring out how much work students are needing to do to stay on track and how to find the balance whilst at home. “ I think that it feels like more work for both for now, but we both are finding a happy medium.” Jennifer Watson explained.

Teachers are having a hard time adjusting to remote learning while trying to balance life. Soon, students will be back in the building and some will be at home; a new adjustment will need to be made. Maneuvering through this situation requires adjustments from teachers and students.