King’s Court winners describe their night

Carleigh Strader, Reporter

Sofia Miller and Damani Hairston were crowned the King and Queen of King’s Court for 2022. 

The Queen of King’s Court, Sofia Miller, is a senior this year at THS. Apart from playing on the varsity soccer team, she spends her time wakeboarding during the hot summer months, and working out at the gym each day. She explained that it took around 3 hours to get her hair styled, makeup done, and dress put on for the King’s Court ceremony.

When asked if she had any advice for herself before walking into the gym, Sofia said that she just went with the flow. “I just kind of winged it. I was nervous,” she said.

Due to the crowd of people in the stands of the gym for the sellout game, it was practically deafening. People in the stands and on the court could hardly hear the names of the winners. “I honestly didn’t hear him, I just heard my name. I didn’t hear what he was announcing,” Sofia described.

She explained how she felt when she realized that she had won. “I was just shocked,” she said.

She then went on to say that she was not expecting to end up as the Queen of King’s Court.

Other than winning, Sofia said that her favorite part about the night was getting her hair and makeup done. 

The King of King’s Court, Damani Hairston, is a senior as well. He spends most of his days practicing and playing for both the varsity football and basketball teams here at THS. He also spends much of his time away from school and sports working at Sonic.

Hairston explained that he didn’t have to do anything special for his attire for the ceremony. Since he had a basketball game right after the ceremony, he simply wore his uniform. Damani was also crowned Homecoming King last football season, so he wasn’t very nervous about walking into the gym for the King’s Court ceremony. “I’ve been there before, so it really wasn’t anything new,” he explained.

Hairston also stated that he didn’t expect to win, but it didn’t matter to him if he did or not.

Damani enjoyed seeing everyone that was nominated for King’s Court. “I liked seeing how happy they were,” Damani said. He was also happy about the varsity basketball team’s win over Bassett with a score of 63-50.