Just a Boy With a Uke

My Opinions tn the Artist

Jacob Oakes

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BoyWithUke is an up and coming artist who makes alternative/indie pop music. BoyWithUke does not show his face nor has he said his name. He does this because he wants people to focus on his music and not his appearance. Each song uses a ukulele and sometimes a piano. He started his music career in 2021 when he was making songs in GarageBand and posting them onto TikTok and SoundCloud. He started to gain more popularity as he started to post minute long songs on TikTok. 

Eventually, BoyWithUke finally made an album called “Melatonin Dreams” consisting of all the one minute songs turned into full songs. Later, he made another album called “Fever Dreams” which had the song “Two Moons”, which was his first song that ever blew up, getting 33 million views on YouTube. After that, he came out with a single called “Toxic” which became one of the most popular songs of 2021-2022. Today, he is still pursuing his music career.  

Creating A New Sound

Before BoyWithUke, there were not nearly as many popular musicians playing the ukulele. People have even gone as far as saying that the ukulele was a toy and not a real instrument. Now, there are more people playing ukuleles and recreating BoyWithUke’s music style. Ever since his success, more artists are showing up who have a ukulele and a similar sound as BoyWithUke. BoyWithUke’s sound has changed over the years, starting out as more of a sad/ relaxing sound, to now a more upbeat and poppier sound with sadder undertones.

Why people like his music

I’ve looked in the comments on his videos and I see people who feel the emotion that he gives off in his songs. People will talk about how they have been through what he’s singing about: therefore, they can relate to what he’s saying. He has a good way of expressing the pain, sadness, or even happiness in his songs. It’s something that is more apparent in his older songs, but he doesn’t hold back how he feels. Some of his songs feel like he is venting about something that has plagued him for a while. I think that people look for music that expresses feelings that they have or had, and that is something he provides.

Why some people don’t like his music

BoyWithUke’s music, as mentioned earlier, is not always happy. Some people do not like music that is slow or sad, and some of his songs are just that. He is fairly new to making music, and in several of his older songs, it shows a little bit. In the song “Loafers,” you can hear that the harmony is a bit off at some parts, which might be frustrating to some listeners. 

However, in recent songs it is noticeable that he has improved his singing. The last reason someone wouldn’t like BoyWithUke is they just might not like his genre. BoyWithUke is labeled as an alternative/indie pop artist, and that just might not be for some people. For example, if someone who only listens to country music tries to listen to BoyWithUke then they are likely not going to like it. 


BoyWithUke is an up and coming artist who started by posting songs on TikTok, and is now performing concerts and making songs with other artists. He has also created a new sound that people are trying to copy and recreate. He has influenced many people and shown them that it only takes a kids instrument, an app, and some practice to become something great. If you want to give BoyWithUke a try, here would be a start the BoyWithUke “Toxic” Live Performance