‘Fly, Eagles, Fly:’ anticipating Super Bowl LII

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‘Fly, Eagles, Fly:’ anticipating Super Bowl LII

Amanda Field, Reporter

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Super Bowl LII (52) will be aired on Sunday, Feb. 4. This super bowl will be a wave of emotions for me. Although I have gone on and branched out to new teams, I have always found myself sitting down and rooting for the boys in green. This year’s contenders will be the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. I have been a fan of the Eagles since I was old enough to know what a touchdown is. In all my Christmas pictures, you can find me wearing my big green Eagles slippers with the matching pajama set.

The last time the Eagles made it all the way was in 2004. They ended up losing to the team who they will meet again this year on the field in Minneapolis. Being the underdogs of the most anticipated Sunday night of the year is pretty exciting for more than just the team members. Every team has the dedicated fans that talk about how they will “make it all the way” this year. Only two teams get to bask in the glory of actually making it to the biggest game of the season.

After moving down south, I have come to retire my slippers and jersey. I have put on my Carolina Panthers jersey and would continue to watch and support all the Philadelphia games this season. Although I’m in Virginia for their winning season, Philly and the surrounding areas have deals, meals, and ideals toward the team. Several restaurants are offering free sides and/or free beverages during the big game. Friends and family are texting and calling about the miracle that went down at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. There will definitely be tears shed as the game starts. Scrolling through my social media timelines, the feeling is setting in of not being able to relate with many on my hometown love for the team.

Football gamblers all around the country are placing their bets right now for the Patriots to stomp the Eagles. With the Eagles’ third shot at the championship title, they are more than determined to come back and wipe the smirk off of Bill Belichek and Tom Brady’s face. This season, the Eagles played a strong defense with an even more dominating offense. Several doubters belittled and underestimated with a pre-season prediction of a season record 9-7 with their actual record being 13-3.  

The season looked not so good for the birds when their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, was injured in week fourteen. Their back up, Nick Foles, has taken the place for the game this Sunday. Tom Brady has also been looking not in full health for the biggest game of the season. With an injured hand, the outlook for Brady’s superhuman throws is making the Eagles’ chance of winning higher. With both teams having the same ending record, it’s no doubt that this Super Bowl will be one for the record books. 

Stats or no stats, the Eagles deserve to win this game plain and simple. I will be sitting front and center with my Peyton Manning sponsored Papa John’s pizza and wings, and convincing everyone else in the room of all the bad calls. I will be taking my jersey out of retirement and reciting: “Fly, Eagles, Fly.”

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