Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain


Many know Emma Chamberlain from her years of posting YouTube videos in her puffy Urban Outfitters jackets, and now she has skyrocketed to one of the most influential teenagers in 2017. Now that Emma is 21, she is venturing into newer endeavors: her coffee company (Chamberlain Coffee), merchandise, planners, deals with brands, and her podcast “Anything Goes.” The podcast covers many subjects that are targeted at her growing and evolving teenage audience. 

Emma records her podcast in a way that feels like she is talking to a friend instead of just merely describing experiences. The description of her podcast begins with, “Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a human being, so thank God she has a podcast.”

Chamberlain is very easy for many girls to relate to, and has marketed herself that way since she began her YouTube journey in 2017. She talks about things that have affected her adolescence such as acne, friendships, high school, and more. Now that she has grown out of her adolescence, she is prepared to give the advice she didn’t have the chance to receive when growing up.

The podcast is filmed directly from Chamberlain’s bed within the comfort of her home with her “children” (her cats). Chamberlain stays transparent on the different subjects and gives truthful responses and advice to her listeners, which is one of the reasons why her podcast is so successful. She gives many listeners the “older sister” type of advice they are looking for. 

Her podcast covers a wide variety of topics from nepotism to failure. Many episodes are great for listeners who are growing, changing, or learning about themselves, others, and the world around them. The different episode topics are pitched by her followers through a Twitter account  (@agpodcast). Listeners can tweet to Chamberlain and her team to give her their ideas and input for the upcoming week’s episode. 

She also does episodes that are more interactive for her audience such as the “would you rather” and “trendy or timeless” episodes. These collections are great for people who like a more interactive podcast. As Chamberlain asks her listeners a variation of questions throughout those episodes. 

I am an avid listener to her podcast, and have listened to almost every episode. I like how she is so relatable and she has “normal” experiences before her rise to fame. There have been multiple occasions where I find myself tuning into her different episodes, and sometimes replaying past episodes. 

My two favorites are “female friendships” and “sticking up for yourself” because sometimes I need reminders that it is okay to feel sad or upset over things regarding friendships, relationships, and my own emotions. I also have found that some of the best times to listen to this podcast are when I need to wind down, sit and think, or in the car on a drive. 

Her podcast was born when she decided she wanted to film something more relaxed than YouTube videos, but still the long form content her audience enjoys. In the future she is now working exclusively with Spotify to bring new episodes (and more) to her viewers. Her newest episodes are released on Thursdays, and listeners can check in through the Twitter page.