Trojan Messenger’s Highschoolegiate Dictionary: Fourth Edition


Daniella Espinoza

Cover of the “Tunstall’s Best Selling Dictionary” remade to for the four edition.

It’s been over one year since we have updated our readers on modern slang. Within this year there’s been a lot of wild and fire things happening. Click on these links to the Trojan Messenger’s Highschoolegiate Dictionary: First Edition , Trojan Messenger’s Highschoolegiate Dictionary: Second Edition  and Trojan Messenger’s Highschoolegiate Dictionary: Third Edition to catch up on previous years’ slang. **This article was originally published in December of 2019. 

And i oop: (n. phrase) shook/surprised. i.e. “Did you hear that they broke up after one year of dating” “And i oop-”  

Awf: (v.) going off on someone. i.e. “Ca’ron went awf when he received a bad grade.”

A-ha-ha: (interjection) laughing when something is kinda funny or sarcastically laughing. i.e. *Daniella says a bad joke* “A-ha-ha…” – Peyton

Bruh: (n.) used after someone says something stupid. i.e. “You really just said that bruh?”

Cap: (adv.) a lie. i.e. When you tell your friends you did homework and they know you didn’t, “I smell cap” 

Chill: (v. phrase) calm down i.e. After the teacher yelled at everyone Jhalin whispered “yo chill.”

Fire: (adj.) lit. i.e. “Yoooo that song is fire”- Jhalin

Hitting different: (adv.) in certain moments things feel better than they normally would. i.e. “Throwback songs hit different when you’re with friends.”

Ight imma head out: (phrase) Spongebob meme can be exchanged with “Imma dip”. i.e. When a group chat gets too crazy so you say “Ight imma head out.”

Imma dip: (phrase) it’s time to leave. i.e. “This party is dead, imma dip”

No cap: (phrase) not lying. i.e. When your teacher assigns too much work “She’s giving us too much homework no cap”

Oh word: (interjection) “oh for real?” i.e “Mr. Touart cancelled the quiz today.” “Oh word?”

On God: (interjection) seriously i.e. “On God I don’t feel like going to school tomorrow!” 

Texting slang

Period: (interjection) end of story. i.e “I’m not letting you copy my homework, period.”

Periodt: (interjection) end of story with emphasis (hot cheeto girl version). i.e. “PERIODT SIS!”

Pull up: (v. phrase) Come over/lets hang i.e. “Pull up to my house I’m ordering pizza”

Put you on: (v. phrase) introduce someone to something. i.e. “Let me put you on to this new Da Baby song”

Private Story: (n.) a snapchat story for people you normally talk to. I.e. “Hey are you on Peyton’s private story? That meme he posted was funny.”

Sksks: (interjection) laughing sound used when texting. i.e. “that meme was funny sksksksk”

Slap: (v.) something hitting different. i.e. “This  chicken biscuit slaps”

Wild: (adv.) doing things out of the ordinary. i.e. “That movie was wild!”

Wtms: means “What the moves”/what are the plans i.e. “Wtms after school”

Now thanks to the Trojan Messenger staff you can go around post on your private story “wtms” so you can go out to eat with friends and listen to music that hits different with them.