Volleyball players get Active

Kaylee Scarce, Reporter

With restrictions due to COVID-19, things look a little different for student-athletes than in previous years. Athletes have been forced to change the way they perform, just to play the sport they desire. With high school sports, the coaches have to follow rules and regulations that the Virginia High School League mandates. However, travel sports, and sports that aren’t school affiliated, can do things with less restrictions. Many travel volleyball teams around our area have recently started back practice. Active Volleyball Club’s roster contains the majority of Tunstall’s varsity players.

Senior outside hitter Adrien Glass started travel volleyball her sophomore year of high school. Practice this year for travel volleyball, is different from previous seasons in these ways: the girls have to take temperatures upon arrival, sanitize hands before and after practice, and wear a mask when arriving and exiting. These changes for Adrien haven’t been hard to abide by. She says she is glad to take these small precautions in order to get back on the court. 

“Volleyball gives me the ability to spend time with friends while developing as a player and person. I am so grateful to be back playing with my team and cannot wait for tournaments to start,” Glass said.

Glass got her wish as the team took on a tournament in Indian Trail, NC this past weekend. The team got first place in the silver bracket, going on 3-1 in the tournament. This tournament had many restrictions the girls weren’t used to. One being that the team had to wear a mask the whole time they were in the gym. Also, there was limited whistle usage.  Both changes were things the team had to adjust to. Senior Brooklyn Owen said, “I think this tournament helped us grow as a team, and I can’t wait to see what the next few tournaments look like.” “Playing in a mask was tough, but I think the team adapted well,” Junior Emma Howell adds.

Senior setter Kinsley Stevens has played 7 years of travel volleyball. She states that the most tedious part of practice is wiping down all of the equipment at the end of practice. However, since there are only 9 members of the team it is a lot easier to social distance during practice. Stevens is very thankful to get the opportunity to play this travel season, considering her last travel season was cut short due to COVID-19. She didn’t think that she was going to get her senior season at all. “With having our whole team play with Active together, it really prepares us for our high school season, and helps us bond.”

The girls are very excited and hopeful for their upcoming season at Tunstall that is scheduled to begin in February.