Senior class officers elected


On Monday Sept. 23 the THS presidential speeches for the class officer election took place. There were four candidates running for the senior class president: Angel Gibson, Hunter Lewis, Caron Murphy, and Amanda Talbott. The senior class was brought into the auditorium at 2:50 p.m. to listen to speeches from  students running for president and to make their final decisions about whom to cast their vote. 

             All of the elected senior officers were announced in the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 24.  The elected students were: Caron Murphy for class president; Dyan Martin for vice president; Katherine Quintana for secretary; Alexandria Woods for parliamentarian; Najaf Gill for treasurer; Savannah Harlow and Carrie Adams are both reporters. 

             “I’m very optimistic for our agenda this year. We are going to focus on the policies by the senior class and we’re currently planning our first meeting,” said class president Caron Murphy. 

            The junior class officers were also announced. Junior class president is being shared by Elliot Jones and Jhalin Godwin, making them co-presidents and Kaylee Scearce will serve as vice president. 

            Some parts of the class president’s job is to call meetings, reside over those meetings, and organize future class reunions. Each candidate got to speak on his/her behalf about why students should vote for them. Each of the speeches was concluded by a round of applause and whistles from the audience.Each candidate had a slightly different approach to the platform while running for office.   

              “I’m running for senior class president because I want to be a voice for the students who never have their own voices heard. I want to bring their needs and some of the wants to the attention of the school board,” said Angel Gibson when asked why she was running for this position.   

            “I want to make Tunstall great again. I’m hoping that we can use the greenhouse to bring in some profit for THS. And I want for the VoTech, AET, and Gov School to be better known by students,” said Hunter Lewis in his presidential speech. 

           “[If I am president I will try to] meet regularly, work for senior dismissal, [have a] great graduation speech, class reunion, and equal representation of all students. We don’t need to make Tunstall great again because Tunstall is already great,” said Caron Murphy in his presidential speech. 

           “I want to see the senior [class] grow over the year and I hope to get to know everyone over the years,” said Amanda Talbott during her speech. “I want to be the senior class president because being progressive in the school body is very important. I also want changes for the future seniors, not just our class.”