How students respond to increasing gas prices


Due to seemingly infinite reasons, gas prices across the country have risen to staggering heights. The national average gas price has risen by more than 50 cents in the last three months. Even if someone is not an avid driver, it is something you cannot help but to notice especially since this is a constant topic on social media and local news stations. These prices have affected many families, whether this leads to less traveling in general or even carpooling. 

These rising gas prices have also affected high school students all across the nation. Just think how much a student with a part time job has to drive on a daily basis. This uses large amounts of gas daily which causes you to have to repeatedly fill up a car. Due to the fact most working students are part time, this leads to less discretionary income to cover costs such as gasoline. These high prices have caused many school districts across the country to struggle to keep the buses at a full tank daily.

There have been countless conversations about current gas prices amongst many current high schoolers that drive. Each time there is a different story. Jesus Valdarrama stated how the increase in gas prices impacted his day to day life. “It really hasn’t made a big difference in my life because my parents do pay for my gas. It really does make it easier on me since they are paying for my gas, which lets me save a lot of money.” Studies show that 2.27 percent of a person’s annual income goes to cover gas costs.

On the other hand, there are many conversations about how paying for gas has become an issue for some people. Shawn Jamison stated how the increase in gas prices impacted his day to day life. “At first, it didn’t really make a difference to me, but over time the prices got to the point where I would be spending over half my check just to get to work.” 

 These constantly increasing prices show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, especially due to Russia recently invading Ukraine. Many researchers fear the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will disrupt oil supplies within the region, which will lead to a larger jump in gas prices. Experts say this number will be over $4.00 by the end of the month.