FFA teams receive high placement in recent competitions


On the weekend of February 26, 2022, Tunstall’s Jr. and Sr. FFA teams traveled to Virginia Tech to compete in the Block and Bridle State Stockmen’s and Livestock Judging events with nearly 1,000 students from across the Commonwealth, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. 

Tunstall’s Jr. team, consisting of freshmen Kaitlyn Knight, Ivania Rivera Rodas, and Agustin Carillo-Lopez, placed 54th overall in the Stockmen’s contest, as well as placing 35th overall in the Livestock contest. Knight placed in the top 100 overall.

The Sr. Team consists of Mia Davis, Aaron Gergory, and Jake Wethington. They placed 66th overall in the Stockmen’s contest and 32nd overall in the Livestock contest. Davis placed 1st overall in the Swine Division and placed in the top 100 overall. 

“It was my first time competing in the livestock contest. I was super nervous, but also pretty confident,” Davis explained. “I was super glad I got to have that experience.” 

In preparation for the contest she spent hours studying with teammates and Dr. Jessica Jones, worked on her skill for the judging portion, and memorized lots of material for the Stockmen’s portion.

“I honestly didn’t expect to place at all. When my name got called it was an experience like no other.” Davis wasn’t just proud of herself though, she was incredibly proud of the amazing team that helped her achieve her goal.

Tunstall High FFA made another trip to Virginia Tech the first weekend in March to participate in the Virginia FFA State Meats Evaluation career development contest. The team composed of Agustin Carrillo-Lopez, Aaron Gregory, Kaitlyn Knight, Ivania Rivera Rodas and Brittney Dalton placed 8th high team in quiz and identification; placed 4th high team in placing and questions, and placed 5th high team overall in the contest. 

Freshman Kaitlyn Knight also placed 5th high individual in placing and questions this weekend.

“I am very proud of the accomplishments of my teams, in both the junior and senior division events. For the greater majority of the students participating, this was their first time ever competing in stockmens and livestock judging. To be able to overcome initial contest obstacles while demonstrating information acquired and applying their skills in real-time makes me glad they not only enjoyed what they did but were able to be successful at achieving their goals,” Dr. Jessica Jones said.