Trojans show school spirit at pep rally

Jan. 24, 2023, was a big day at THS, students attended the pep rally for their school’s 2022-2023 basketball season. The Trojans showed their school spirit for the King’s Court basketball game against Magna Vista. “It was very fun, especially the teacher/student game,” sophomore Talayah Martin said.

The pep rally was the conclusion to a two day spirit week. On Monday, basketball jersey day, students could wear their favorite team’s jersey. Tuesday was Trojan spirit day where students went all out to show their Trojan pride.

The students were called down to the gym and were greeted with loud music blasting from the speakers as well as their eyes catching the banners above their section with each class’s graduating year.

Linzey Rigsby

The pep rally started with a game of musical chairs. The players were selected by the Lady Trojan cheerleaders. There was no winner due to some good-natured cheating, but the final three were senior Xavion Jaimes, junior Bricen Pool, and sophomore Mary Bledsoe. “It felt like an instinct to just straddle the chair because I wanted to win,” Mary said.

Next up was the teacher/student basketball game tournament. Each game was timed for a continuous four minutes. In the first portion, freshmen defeated the juniors, and the seniors defeated the sophomores. This led to the seniors inevitably playing the teachers in the final game. As the clock ran, the seniors put up a good fight, and the teachers blocked and defended their way to the top. After Mrs. Totten scored the first two points, the teachers won the student game with a score of 11-0. 

Near the end they recognized the winter sport teams including wrestling, junior varsity boys and girls basketball, varsity boys and girls basketball, and the junior varsity and varsity cheerleading squads. They also honored the seniors on the boys basketball and cheerleading varsity teams. The seniors on the boys team were Jason Zelinski, Austin Scarce, and Raymond Ladd. 

The king’s court announcement came next. They announced the nominees for each of the grade levels. The freshman nominated Kyndal Burke, Carolina Wheeler, Andrew Proffitt, and Samuel Davis. The sophomores nominated Tavion Davis, Corey Zelinski, Sadie Glasscock, and Makiria Thomas. 

The juniors nominated Brooklyn Morris, Griffin Sands, Carly Calloway, and Ashton Hammock. The seniors nominated Austin Scarce, Mackenzie Harris, Chloe Barnes, Riley Tucker, Jacob Terry, Gaby Elliot, Peyton Henderson, and Braedan Barber. The King’s court winners were Austin Scarce and Chloe Barnes.

The pep rally was closed out with dance performances by the junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders.

Students expressed their hopeful outlook for the THS Trojans vs. The Magna Vista Warriors game with the Trojans at the time being 15-1 now 16-1. That night the Trojans beat the Warriors 63-58. 

The seniors were sad that this would be their last pep rally; however, the underclassmen hope to experience more pep rallies in the future.