The creative side of Caroline Kirby


In the hallways of Tunstall, there are many unique people with varying personalities, but no one is like Caroline Kirby.

Mrs. Kirby, the THS AP biology and anatomy teacher, is the mother of Caroline. “Caroline is definitely an individual. She carves her own path in this world and genuinely does not care what anyone else thinks she should be like at all,” her mother remarks. When she thinks of her daughter, a smile appears on her face.

Mrs. Kirby has a lot of admiration towards Caroline. “She doesn’t let anyone walk over her. She doesn’t care what others think about her,” Mrs. Kirby said.

Caroline Kirby, a senior at THS, is a creative and unbothered soul. Walk into any of her classes, and the first thing you can see her doing is reading a book while sipping on a Pepsi. She is fond of reading because it has changed her as a person. “This [book] isn’t my favorite, but the one that impacted me the most is Warriors by Aaron Hunter. It got me connected to a community where I met all my friends,” Kirby states. 

Since Kirby can always be found behind a book during class time, many of her peers wonder what books does she recommend? Here are some of Caroline’s recommendations: 

  • “11/22/63” by Stephen King. The book is about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The book’s genre is considered science fiction, suspense, and alternate history.
  • “The Long Walk” by Stephen King. The book takes place in a dystopian version of America and is centered around 100 boys walking without no breaks along the U.S. Route 1.

As well as being found with a book in hand, Kirby can always be found with snacks covering her desk; and because of this, many of her classmates are curious as to which ones she would recommend for a good snack. Kirby states her favorite snacks are, “Sonic Pretzel Twists, [because] they’re the best thing ever and I would eat them every day of my life.”

Aside from burying her face in a book and munching on snacks, Kirby can also be found expressing herself through different forms of art. The art she makes is inspired by the media she likes, like the shows or movies she watches. She was previously enrolled in the Art II class and loved the class because of her teacher, Ms. Midkiff. Kirby explains what made Ms. Midkiff an enjoyable teacher, “I like Ms. Midkiff because she’s funny, understanding, and she’s everything you’d want in a teacher. She’s someone you can talk to about anything,” Kirby said.

Although her senior year is nearing its end, Kirby has yet to come to a decision of what she wants to pursue after high school. But even though she hasn’t decided yet, she isn’t stressed about it. “She gives some of the best advice out of all the people I have met,” states junior Mia Davis, a close friend of Kirby’s. 

A last piece of advice Kirby wants to give before she leaves is to “do what you love and love what you do.”