White works wonders


Mrs. Beverly White is the longest consecutive working teacher at Tunstall as she has accumulated 40 years of teaching, 32 of which have been at THS.

She has taught many students, some of whom now have children coming through her classes. She has even taught some of the employees who also work at Tunstall, such as Mrs. Adrian Nester and Assistant Principal Dustin Echols.

“Mrs. White was the first teacher who made me want to be a teacher. I had her for pre-algebra in eighth grade here at Tunstall and her class was the perfect balance of fun and work,” Mrs. Nester said.

Mrs. White teaches Algebra and Algebra functions, and even though she loves it, she originally majored and got a degree in history from Averett. 

“I got interested in math because of puzzles and problem-solving. I like to figure out the problem,” said Mrs. White.

Many students who go through her class love her and will forever remember her for her warmth. She is most well-known for her sarcastic and humorous nature, but she is also an extremely easy-going and patient teacher as well. 

Senior Taylor Phillips shares her thoughts on Mrs. White after having her Algebra functions class:: “At first, I was kind of intimidated, but she was the first math teacher to actually make me feel confident in the class. I always knew what was going on because of how well she explained things.”

THS graduates still reflect on their experiences as well. Class of ’22 student Megan Gammon expresses her thanks.

“She was always willing to help, and she truly cared about your success. She still asks about me, and she remembers what I was going to study in college. It really shows how much she cares, even after I left,” said Gammon.

Mrs. White carries a legacy that is definitely hard to beat, which she will continue to carry on. Students appreciate and recognize her for everything she has done for them in her class and in general as a person.