Getting to know Tunstall’s resource officer


An SRO, also known as a school resource officer, is a trained law enforcement officer whose job is to promote safety in schools. This Tunstall added a new resource officer.

This year Tunstall added a new SRO, Officer Stevie Stevenson. Officer Stevenson came to Tunstall in August of 2022, after working in law enforcement for 20 years. “Law enforcement has just been something I wanted to do since I was a child,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson said that he chose Tunstall because they had the best schedule and location so he could take care of his two daughters after he lost his wife, Leigh Ann, to cancer in May of 2022. Stevenson has also stated that he himself is a Tunstall Alum and he likes that he has been able to come back.

Officer Stevenson says that he believes his role is to keep the students and faculty safe and to make sure that they go home safely every day, but he also believes that he has the role of every officer which is to serve and protect his community. “Keeping the school safe is definitely my number one priority. I always want to make sure that everyone here feels like they are safe,” said Stevenson.

In a general day Officer Stevenson starts his day by waiting for all of the students to come in at the school’s front entrance. After the school day starts he does one full walk around the school and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes he has cases that he has to work but when he does not have a case to work he goes around the school and interacts with the students. 

While Stevenson loves his job, he finds trying to help the students the most difficult because as he says it some students just do want to be helped. While there are hard parts to the job he finds  getting to know the students the most rewarding because he likes to watch them grow up.

“I think that Stevenson is great at his job and he is also really cool,” sophomore Matthew Harris said.

Outside of Tunstall, Stevie Stevenson can be seen having fun with his family and doing his favorite hobby, woodworking.

Stevenson says that he enjoys working at Tunstall and he hopes that he can keep working at Tunstall for many years to come.